Chicken Walnut Pesto

For my main dish tonight I made some parmesan breaded chicken, with some fresh walnut pesto (I used my fresh basil from my garden).  I figured why not add a little nutty flavor to it.  To combine with this dish I sautéed some asparagus in a skillet, wrapped it with prosciutto and placed it on top of the chicken and pesto.  Since I had some Freekeh grain left from my appetizer I drizzled it over my dish.  The combination of all the flavors kept all taste buds exploding.  Below Is a picture of all the ingredients in the food processor.  Pesto is so easy to make and you can add it to so many dishes.


13 thoughts on “Chicken Walnut Pesto

      1. Yay! I finally made this, last evening, and, if I may say so, totally rocked it…..working on a post for later today to share (and, of course, give credit where credit is DUE). 🙂

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