Chicken Walnut Pesto

For my main dish tonight I made some parmesan breaded chicken, with some fresh walnut pesto (I used my fresh basil from my garden).  I figured why not add a little nutty flavor to it.  To combine with this dish I sautéed some asparagus in a skillet, wrapped it with prosciutto and placed it on top of the chicken and pesto.  Since I had some Freekeh grain left from my appetizer I drizzled it over my dish.  The combination of all the flavors kept all taste buds exploding.  Below Is a picture of all the ingredients in the food processor.  Pesto is so easy to make and you can add it to so many dishes.


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  1. lizforaday says:

    I have never heard of Freekeh grain. At the risk of sounding stupid how is it cooked and where do you find it?

    1. lol You don’t sound stupid. Trust me I asked the same questions. Here is all the info you need on it. The site will tell you about it, and where you can get it or order it. 🙂

      1. lizforaday says:

        I think you forgot the link. 🙂

      2. lizforaday says:

        I forgive you. LOL! Thanks 🙂

  2. This looks SOOOOO good. Going to grab everything I need to make it tonight!!!

    1. Let me know if you have any questions. Ill be glad to answer them for you. =)

      1. What is the sauce on the left side of the plate? Thx!

      2. Its a Balsamic Glaze. Super yummy with this dish.

      3. Thank you! Sounds like a great complement to the flavors….it’s all on tap for dinner tomorrow evening. Today got away from me (as usual!)…

      4. Yay! I finally made this, last evening, and, if I may say so, totally rocked it…..working on a post for later today to share (and, of course, give credit where credit is DUE). 🙂

      5. Im Glad you liked it. Cant wait to see the post. 🙂

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