Flavorful world sits down with Homemade Delish for a Q & A session

Here is an interview conducted by Flavorful World. I’m honored to be their selection for this month! ๐Ÿ™‚

Flavorful World: a Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog

Homemade Delishโ€˜s Roberta Pipito recently took some time off from being awesome to answer a few questions for us.ย  A talented cook and food blogger, she talks with usย  on a variety of culinary topics ranging from lab-grown meats what she thinks is the most damaging food myth prevailing today.ย  She even creates an impromptu recipe around leftovers in the Flavorful World refrigerator.ย  Because sheโ€™s that good.ย  And so is this interview, so come check it out.

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