A lot of people ask what Cevicheis.  Is it good?  What does it takes like?  Well I have had Ceviche before and I can personally say I love it.  Its super refreshing and light.  I decided to make some last night and the results came out terrific.  There are so many different ways to make Ceviche, but I made the classic version.  I used Tilpia and chopped them up in cubes, marinated in Lime juice for about 45 min.  (longer if you would like.) (Tip: The citric acid causes the proteins in the seafood to become denatured, basically cooking the fish.  Another fish that is great for this dish is Halibut). 

I chopped up avocado, purple onion, the outer part of the tomato (basically cutting around the tomato because if not the pulp of the tomato causes too much juice), garlic powder, dash of salt, pepper, hot sauce (optional), serrano peppers, cilantro and some olive oil.  This is pretty much a fresh salad.  After about 45 mins or so drain the lime juice and place fish in salad mix.  You can put them on a dish or a fancy glass to capture the eye.  I enjoyed this with some Garlic and Black bean tortilla chips.  

Ceviche can be prepared in so many ways.  Like I have mentioned, some people make it with Shrimp, scallops and there is also a liquid ceviche that can be made with a tomato puree or tomato juice. Before preparing this dish just make sure you research your fish and make sure your market sells the freshest fish.  Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Ceviche

  1. Wooooo, that is some good looking ceviche! I still have yet endeavored to make this dish. I do enjoy ordering it at restaurants, though. Perhaps today is the day….any specific tips for a newbie?

    1. Well Ceviche is not that hard to do its all about flavors like I mentioned in the post there are so many different ways to prepare it. Just make sure you have fresh fish and use lots of lime juice to marinate it (submerging the fish) and let it sit for 45 mins or longer. Let me know how you makeout. Im sure you will LOVE it and be suprised at what a great dish you just prepared.

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