Milanese Pork Chops and Parsley Salad

All these great events that I have attended have been great and I feel so honored to have attended them.  But my love for cooking in my own kitchen will never fade; or just cooking in general.  Yesterday I decided to make something light and refreshing.  It was a little different salad to go along with some pork chops (Tip: If you’re making milanese pork , chicken or even beef, add different ingredients to your bread crumbs.  Any fresh or dry seasonings will work and if you add parm cheese it gives it a golden crust as well, another cool thing is add some mustard to your eggs to boost the flavors).  I made a Parsley salad with some fresh tomatoes from my garden, some purple onion, a little oregano, oranges, garlic powder, salt and pepper. 

A lot of people don’t know this but Parsley is a great form of folic acid.  Perfect for those hot summer days we have been having. Enjoy!!


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