Green Wine!

As you probably know by now, I review all sorts of wine on my blog.  Whether it’s white or red, I love my wine.  Lately, the newest trend as we know is Organic wine.  Now some of you may cringe and some may jump up for joy, but my logic is “don’t knock it until you try it.”  I have tried a couple of organic wines and I was suprised at how good they really are.  Checkout why some winemakers are going Green and how things are changing. 

Presented by, Purveyors of Green Wine

Although this is a sponsored post, I find that it is something which is current in today’s world.  The information included taught me a few things and my personal experiences from have been wonderful. 


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  1. Green wine is also gluten free and vegan and many people have no idea!!!

    1. Yes it is..Thx for the tip =)

  2. squirrel circus says:

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. lizforaday says:

    Reblogged this on Liz's Fantabulous Day and commented:
    I am a professed wino and I also call myself a modern day hippy. I really liked the post about wine. Whenever I am home, I make it my business to drink a least a glass a day. I ran across this post and thought it would be great to pass on. Enjoy. Your Lotus Lizzy 🙂

  4. lizforaday says:

    I love this post. Thanks for the info. I decided to reblog this one. Thumbs up. 🙂

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