Growing your own Herbs

So why should you grow your own herbs, you ask?  Why would I have to do that if I can just go to the store and pick up packaged herbs?  Why get your hands dirty with dirt?  Well I came up with 5 good reasons that I hope help you decide to grow your own.  (Tip:  You can grow indoors or outdoors or even check with your community for places to grow gardens)

1.  You will always have FRESH herbs on hand when you are making that special sauce or meal.

2. Great health benefits adding fresh herbs to your diet can boost your meal’s vitamins. 

3. Now lets cut the cost.  We all know that buying herbs at the store can get pretty expensive.  So growing your own herbs saves you money too.

4. There are so many varieties of herbs that you can grow.  For example there are 30 different basil plants from which to try.

5.  Growing your own herb or vegetable garden means you know how you are growing it.  You know that its 100% organic and that there are no chemicals or that they are being handled or going through packaging building.

So there you have it.  These are five quick reasons for you to save and stay healthy with your own gardening.


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  1. MikeG says:

    Great post. I started to growing my own herbs a while back. It makes such a big difference in flavor, and, as you said, is much cheaper than buying them in the store. Thanks!

  2. changeforbetterme says:

    I used to grow my own herbs years ago…got out of it for some reason….thinking I might have to start again…..thanks!

  3. lizforaday says:

    Another good reason is the smell. Fresh herbs are such good natural air fresheners. The next big benefit as you said is the cost. I cook a lot, but I am not home long enough to grow my own. (Working overseas) When I am home, I purchase the plants and give them away when I leave.

    1. Thats a great idea =)..thanks for the tip

  4. Inga says:

    another good reason… My bunny loves herbs! Which is a good thing because lemon balm and mint have taken over my planter boxes. The mint smothered the chives and basil, this year. I think I’ll try them in pots next year. >^..^<

    1. I had the same problem with mint! it strangled my sage plant! Love a good at home herb garden, huge money saver

      1. Wow thats crazy…We had a problem with mint this year as well but it was the birds who came along and ate our seeds.

      2. I’m having the exact opposite issue — my sage plant has turned into a small bush and is crowding out my mint!

    2. for some reason it seems like everyone is having an issue with mint taking over the gardens this year…I guess its a good thing mine didnt grow

  5. thekeyofkels says:

    My husband and I grow all sorts of herbs in planter boxes on our small city patio. Not only does it save a crazy amount of money (he is a chef – we use a LOT of herbs), but everything tastes better when you’ve put the time and effort into growing it from seeds!

    1. It really does bring out the flavor in meals =)

  6. The challenge that I have is always how to grow enough, especially of my favourites basil, mint, coriander and flat leafed parsley. Not too easy in Scotland especially in winter – the only reliable year round herb is rosemary and that is a considerable blessing!

  7. Every reason why we have an herb garden.

  8. I also grew my own herbs but as I travel a lot they ended up getting dried and now I don’t have anything planted. 😦 too bad because they were quite handy and I loved my herb garden..

  9. Teacher Tina says:

    I am a newbie at having a herb garden. I have been successful with the hearty herbs like rosemary, and those that grow like weeds, mint. But am having a hard time with my basil and tomatoes. I know that it is just a matter of finding the perfect spot for them. I will never give up! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Growing Herbs is a process..I mean Mint is usually easy to grow but my mint did not grow this year thanks to the birds…So its always something never give up

  10. I have a full garden now! It’s one of the most amazing experiences i have had learning from scratch how to plant a garden, prepare the soil, turn the soil, fertilize the soil, weed-eat by hand, etc… you know the drill! It has taught me a lot of patience and that the hard work really does pay off!
    Thanks for this post – God Bless!

  11. erulastielxo says:

    I started growing herbs a while ago now, it started off with a Basil plant that has grew 4x it’s original size, you should have also added that it makes you kitchen or garden smell great!
    I’m on to other herbs now and also some veg!

    1. Good point about the pleasing aroma. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. Catherine Haymes says:

    Hi there – great to point out the advantages of growing your own herbs, thank you for that. Might I add a 6th benefit? It’s also convenient to grow it at home – you don’t have to leave the house for it – jut walk out into the garden or reach out into the plant pot and grab some and you’re good to go!

    1. I agree with Catherine — never have to remember to buy herbs, think about being understocked!
      But for me, it’s the price. I bought my bay leaf tree for the price of one bottle of bay leaves. Now I’ll never use all it produces, and think about selling . . . Same for lavender (Mmm!) and rosemary.
      Oh, and the flavor. Just cannot compare, and I think partly it is because I feel free, even obligated, to be so liberal in using them.
      Only trouble — eating out is no longer fun: We are spoiled. 😐

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