Yards Brewery

Philadelphia’s Own Yards Brewery.  What an awesome place to visit.  The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back.  They have a shuffleboard table and a pool table with a small great food selection.  They even have tours of how the beer is crafted in their facility.  Now let’s get to the important stuff… the BEER.  Yards has their own unique beers: Philadelphia Pale Ale, Extra Special Ale, India Pale Ale, Brawler (which was my favorite), Love Stout and of course Seasonal ales and Ales of the Revolution.  So if your ever in Philadelphia this place is a must for a tour, great food, and some tasting.  Checkout their website www.yardsbrewing.com


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  1. ccashmore says:

    Nice blog, and it looks like you know and love your beer. You must have tried the absolute best stout in the world, even though it’s not mentioned. Guiness, I’m sure you have, with it’s thick creamy head and rich smooth flavour. I haven’t seen a lot of the beers you mention, I suppose we don’t get them in Canada, or maybe have to go to specialty beer stores.

  2. heavycf says:

    I’ve heard great things about Yards. If I ever see it in my travels I plan to add it to my leapbeer journey. Great read!

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