Cheese Steak & Chicken Crepes

I love crepes, so I decided to try and make something different.  Since crepes are simple to make, and light, why not make them as a cheese steak.  I took chicken, Steak, spinach, mushrooms and mild sharp cheddar, then topped it with caramelized onions and a dash of paprika.  Crepes don’t always have to be sweet so give it a try with any filling you would like.  It makes you feel less guilty than if eating a BIG roll.


Skip the friendly greeting at the window and don’t expect one. Your Philly  cheesesteak order should consist of exactly three words. The first word is a  number, indicating how many cheesesteaks you want. So, if you want one, the  first word is “One.” The second word indicates the type of cheese you want on  your sandwich. The third and final word is either “with” or “without,”  indicating your preference for fried onion.  So, an order for the most authentic  Philly cheesesteak would simply be, “One, whiz, with.”  That’s it.


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  1. Being a good ol’ boy from the south I always wondered how to order a Philly Cheesesteak……

  2. Also, skip the tourist traps like Pat’s and Geno’s and find a corner pizzeria. They make the best Philly cheese steaks! ;o)

    1. I agree cathie, My favorite place in Philadelphia is Steves prince of steaks

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