Hawaiian Catfish and Shrimp with Argula, Pineapple and Mangos

I was at the Philadelphia International Flower Show this week and got very inspired to cook something Hawaiian.  I marinated the Shrimp and Catfish in a Hawaiian Marinade and let it set for 30 min.  While the fish was marinating I began to prepare the salad.  Baby Argula, cabbage, carrots, Pineapple and Mangos were topped with a dressing, in which I used Orange Juice, balsamic vinegar, Salt, Pepper and a little dash of sugar.  After the Fish was done marinating, I put it in the hot skillet with some olive oil and a little butter.  Squeeze a fresh lemon on top for taste.  This was  by far the lightest most tasty and juiciest meal.  Great for a summer dinner.


9 thoughts on “Hawaiian Catfish and Shrimp with Argula, Pineapple and Mangos

  1. I love the colours on the plate! The fish, salad and mango look so darn festive! We don’t really get catfish here in Australia, most of it is very muddy from the rivers they swim in so the fresh tastes different I suppose. One day though, I’m going to try a proper creole blackened catfish, it’s on my foodie bucket list!

  2. This sounds amazing and pretty quick to put together! My husband loves catfish and it’s plentiful here in North Carolina. Bookmarking this for the summer months!

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