Leftovers, A Second Helping, and Breakfast!

This is slightly off topic, but I felt it a great time to promote my husband’s work.  He has written a few novels for a horror series that began in 2010.  There are 3 books: “Flesh And Leftovers,” “Blood The Second Helping,” and “Bones at Breakfast” which are available separately or as a trilogy in “Flesh and Leftovers: Eden’s Order Trilogy” at www.lulu.com

The series has done well enough where he has spawned a comic book company with his brother.  The comics are spinoffs of the novels:  “Zombie Incidents,” and “Legends of Vampire” are the two issues available now at www.indyplanet.com

A third comic is now in the works called “In Case Of Werewolf” and he is looking for artists interested in making his stories come to life.  Check out and follow his blog www.scryptcomics.wordpress.com and contact him for more info there if you are art inclined or know someone who is.  And of course go buy his novels and spread the word.  🙂 

Thank you


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  1. Geez, I’m interested but I doubt I’m good enough. It would be great fun to do some art related to my love of horror, though! I’ve not been doing it long enough to even try yet, though. Should I gird my loins and ask him for more details? I’m a bit intimidated 🙂 ps I just noticed you’ve the same blog theme I picked! You’re the only other one I’ve found who uses it!

    1. So I talked to my hubby it looks as though you are following him already. He said contact him he seems interstead his email is rickpipito@hotmail.com

  2. sillisoup says:

    Love how the book titles tie in with your food theme.

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