No, I Don’t Wanna!

So here is a little tip I would like to share with you.  Do you have a child that is a picky eater?  Have you tried about everything?  Well you’re not alone.  Tons of parents go through this everyday.  One of the things I learned with my daughter to get her to eat, is to feed her favorite stuffed animals.  That’s right, her little “Bear- Bear” and “Sheepy” as she calls them, seem to have their own personalities and voices.  So my husband and I decided to act like we were giving them a bit to eat.  Sure enough, she wanted to take a bite.  We have even made them talk to her and tell her how yummy the food is. 

It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes we have to step into the mind of our children.  It isn’t fool proof, but 9 times out of 10 it has worked when she is being picky about foods.  I hope this little trick helps.

Do you have any particular method of making meal time enjoyable for your child?

Do you have any tricks to get your child to eat?


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  1. My poor kids eat the same thing again and again because one won’t eat meat and the other refuses vegetables! I’m learning with the older toddler to let him serve himself and to engage him when I cook. If he has a part in it, he tends to be more open minded about trying. It’s got to be his decision, not Mommy forcing it. For the baby (15 mos), I put it all in front of her. One of these days, she’s bound to grab a green!

    1. When our little one cooks with us she does tend to eat the food. So that is a great tip. Have you tried to hide veggies in certain foods for the 15mth old? =)

  2. L. Wiebe says:

    This can work with boo boos too. “Dr. Bearly” helped our son through is bout with chicken pox but convincing him to get into the Aveeno bath to make the itching go away. He rode into the bedroom on the toy ambulance with a flashing light and siren to do the house call!

  3. Liz says:

    That’s a fantastic idea! I’m trying it on my 2 year old tonight! *fingers crossed*

    1. Let me know how you makeout =)

      1. Liz says:

        OMG! It worked like a CHARM!! I seriously can’t believe how well it worked. I felt like I was performing a miracle when he started eating his dinner! All because I picked up his little bear Ted and started “eating” his spaghetti! Hooray!!! 🙂

      2. YAYY!!!..That is awesome…glad it worked out for you =)..its amazing what a little imagination can do.

  4. chefeye says:

    this post made me chuckle at how much I was in this category as a child.. I wouldn’t eat anything apart from fried food until I hit 17 and became a chef of all things!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it =)

  5. chefeye says:

    thanks for following my blog btw 🙂

  6. My era says:

    I do this myself and you are right it actually works 😀 😀

  7. chefandreard says:

    I wish blogging was around when my children were little, I would love to be able to look back and reread all my suggestions for getting them to eat a little healthier or try new foods. I was never much of a writer, so I didn’t put much of that experience on paper back then. SuburbanCook has the right idea though, it’s always the child’s decision on what and how much they eat. Mom (and Dad) make the decisions on what food is in the house and the child decides how much they choose to eat. Don’t ever let food become a power struggle with your children. The expert on feeding children is Ellyn Satter; my copy of her book “How to get your kid to eat….but not too much” is well-worn from sharing with so many friends.
    I love the imagination of using their favorite stuffed animals! Very creative. Best wishes and thanks for checking out my blog.

  8. nema24 says:

    I have a very hard time getting my two year old to eat anything. I have tried just about everything in the book to get him to eat. He’s not into any stuffed animals but I do try to use his favorite cartoon characters to get him to do just about anything lol, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Watch me try to get him hooked on a stuffed animal now :). I will keep you posted.

  9. Gems says:

    How I remember those days. Now I hide the least favorite stuff and we have a rule that the kids have to try something new regularly. Their repertoire is building. But my kids are older! Sometimes I wish I could go back to those ‘stuffed animal’ feeding days 🙂 Thanks for following xxx

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