Organic Food!!

One of the common disputes among food buyers is that organic is healthier, or it is just a way to mark up the prices of products.  I buy both standard food and organic.  Here are some facts on organic foods.  Either way, you can still cook an amazing meal with or without organic. =)

Organic food: Buy or bypass?

Many factors may influence your decision to buy — or not buy — organic food. Consider these factors:

  • Nutrition.No conclusive evidence shows that organic food is more nutritious than is conventionally grown food. And the USDA — even though it certifies organic food — doesn’t claim that these products are safer or more nutritious.
  • Quality and appearance.Organic foods meet the same quality and safety standards as conventional foods. The difference lies in how the food is produced, processed and handled. You may find that organic fruits and vegetables spoil faster because they aren’t treated with waxes or preservatives. Also, expect less-than-perfect appearances in some organic produce — odd shapes, varying colors and perhaps smaller sizes. In most cases, however, organic foods look identical to their conventional counterparts.
  • Pesticides.Conventional growers use pesticides to protect their crops from molds, insects and diseases. When farmers spray pesticides, this can leave residue on produce. Some people buy organic food to limit their exposure to these residues. Most experts agree, however, that the amount of pesticides found on fruits and vegetables poses a very small health risk.
  • Environment.Some people buy organic food for environmental reasons. Organic farming practices are designed to benefit the environment by reducing pollution and conserving water and soil.
  • Cost.Most organic food costs more than conventional food products. Higher prices are due to more expensive farming practices, tighter government regulations and lower crop yields. Because organic farmers don’t use herbicides or pesticides, many management tools that control weeds and pests are labor intensive. For example, organic growers may hand weed vegetables to control weeds, and you may end up paying more for these vegetables.
  • Taste. Some people say they can taste the difference between organic and nonorganic food. Others say they find no difference. Taste is a subjective and personal consideration, so decide for yourself. But whether you buy organic or not, finding the freshest foods available may have the biggest impact on taste.



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  1. Lady Sisyphus says:

    Thanks for this! It’s kind of like paper bags vs. plastic bag. There are pros/cons that don’t make it a clear choice. I haven’t gone organic but do try to include some products. I think you hit it on the head – people have their own reasons for going organic or not. Some are tied to the environment, some are tied to the economy, etc. All are valid. I have enjoyed reading your posts! (Especially the recipes. So many ideas…)

    1. Thanks Im glad you enjoy them ;)…If there is a ever a meal that you would like a recipe for please let me know.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for following my blog, Roberta. I hope you find some encouraging ideas for holistic health. One more thing I’d add to your post on organic food… there are some highly commercialized organic farms that use farming methods that are not kind to the earth (read Omnivores Dilemma to learn more) but they still meet standards for organic certification. I choose organic to avoid synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. I have to live with the tension of not being earth-friendly every time I shop for food. That’s why I can’t wait for summer when I can have a garden and buy from local farmers who truly care for their harvest by hand.

    1. I agree totally with having your own garden….and Local Farmers are great as well…I buy both but some I choose more then others.

  3. The only things I buy that are organic are carrots or root veg that grow directly in the soil. One of my teachers said that because they draw nutrients directly from the soil, it does make a difference.

  4. Jennifer M. says:

    My motto is to buy local first and organic second. If something is grown right down the road from me (and I know the family who grew it), then I know it’s fresh and full of nutrients. Washing your fruits and veggies well should take care of most of the pesticides. It drives me crazy when I pick up organic produce, and it’s from South America! That’s not fresh. Oh, and organic junk food is still junk food, so I pass on it, too! Great blog, by the way. I’m enjoying it!

  5. denlyn3 says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I search out what looks to be the freshest best looking produce. Sometimes that is organic and sometimes it is not. I have not noticed any taste difference. Happy creating.

  6. wowgoldzsq says:

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