Beer Cap Art!!

As I mentioned before my husband and I drink alot of wine.  But we also started to drink alot of different beer as well.  So here is another creation that my husband came up with.  This is just one of the Beer Cap Boards.


13 thoughts on “Beer Cap Art!!

  1. WOW! Another one of Rick’s well done arts!!?? You should really get this superman on the circuit! The two of you could make hand over fist in cash!! If you get a moment, stop by knittedminions.wordpress.com ! Im sure you’ll find something you like. (but if not, just hit my wife’s email and her and the minion godmothers will cook up whatever you desire)!! !!


  2. What an excellent gift idea! I can think of a few people in my life that I love drinking beer with and I bet they’d love this as a gift. Plus, each cap can represent a memory of the time you drank the beer! Thanks for the inspiration.

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