And for Dessert!!!

So, for dessert, Apple Tart a big favorite with my kids.

I’m in love with dessert does anyone have any good recipes??


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  1. emilythome says:

    You and me both! Unfortunately, my dessert recipes far outweigh my recipes for other food. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s. Which is why I’m looking forward to snagging some ideas from someone who can cook!

    1. I am a vegetarian but i really enjoy your blogs. They r full of life and exciting thank you for sharing and I look forward to trying your desserts and meat free recipes 🙂

      1. Thank you so much…I love making vegetarian meals as well. I will be posting some up in the near future. Please let me know if you ever see something you would like the recipe for. =)

  2. plantsbeatmeat says:

    Hi, just checked out your blog after seeing you had followed me. Thanks so much for that! But this apple tart looks delicious-and I say that when I’m usually not the biggest fan of cooked apple. The layout looks very professional too. Great blog!

    1. Thank you very much =)

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