Promises, Promises for 2012

Each new year many people make promises to themselves to be better than the previous year.  Often, these resolutions fall through, but the intention is good.  Some very common resolutions are losing weight, getting in shape, and eating healthier.  These are all really one in the same.  Common sense dictates that if you eat healthy, then it will assist in losing weight and getting into shape with proper exercise.  The problem with this is that many people find healthy food to be bland, boring or too expensive.

That line of thinking is a myth.  Our wallets do not have to be purged or our tastebuds repulsed.  If you are someone who thinks that way, then try these three things for 2012.  1) open your cupboards, and see what items that have been sitting (and are not expired of course).  Place the items on the counter and see what creative thing that your mind can conjur.  You may be surprised at what comes up.  2) Plant a garden when you can.  Even in city areas, there are often places where you can do so (there are hanging gardens that you can place on your window as well).  Gardening brings us fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to bring to the table.  3) If you can’t find something “new” that is healthy at the supermarket, then try a different grocery supplier every once in a while.  You can still have your regular place, but often people are limited or don’t see some of the unique items on display in a place where they are over familiar. 

Be creative and have fun.  Keep coming back here for ideas, because my resolution for this year is to make this site informative and fun for all of you.  I will have plenty of ideas that may spark your interest.  Thank you for the support and Happy New Year.

Now that I’ve said all of that, what is YOUR resolution for 2012?


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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks delish, indeed! Happy New Year 🙂

  2. I look forward to checking out your tasty recipes. Thanks for following me on my blog. Oh, my 2012 resolution is boring: take a calcium pill daily! Maybe you have suggestions for calcium-rich foods.

    1. If you are ever interstead in any of the foods that I post please let me know and i can forward you the recipes. By the way calcium is always a GREAT thing to have in your diet. here is a great website that provides with Helpful Calcium-rich foods.

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