Whats for dinner tonight?

So tonight I made Steak stuffed with boursin cheese and spinach with caramelized onions and maple sweet potatoes. My husband who is not a big steak fan fell in love with this.

What is one thing your not a big fan of but fell in love with after a certain meal was made??


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  1. kibbenayyeh says:

    hmmm it’s difficult to mention only one dish! it happens with me very often lol
    nice blog 🙂

  2. Hmm.. I’d have to say meatloaf! I despised it growing up, but to make my husband happy we recently gave it a shot… we found a yummy recipe and I am forever changed! Your steak sounds delicious. 🙂

    1. Yes the steak turned out amazing…Thx…..Im not a big fan of meatloaf either but i found my key recipe is BBQ sauce and it turned out pretty good.

  3. Karl says:

    Oh my goodness!! Tell your man that STEAK is the BOMB! Keep cooking that way and I’m pretty sure he wil never let you go !!

    1. HAHAHA…..We have been together for 11 years maybe thats the reason he kept me so long I went straight to his stomach. So you would like the recipe for the Paella or the steak???

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