Braided Chicken Bread

  Talk about entertaining your guests. This braided chicken bread is super easy and looks so fancy.  Family and friends will think you spent lots of time making this, but it is such a simple recipe.  You can even make mini ones if you would like.  With kids back in school and parents trying to … Continue reading

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Tuna Meatballs

I know this probably sounds crazy but tuna meatballs are super delicious.  This actually just fell into place tonight when I was making dinner.  I didn’t have enough time to run out and get ground meat; Especially since around dinner time the supermarket is always packed.  So of course I started to look through my … Continue reading

Cookie Butter Cup

As some of you may know I have a sweet tooth. I can’t go without having dessert after dinner.  I love experimenting with different things.  I wanted to try and make a peanut butter cup but instead of using peanut butter I went ahead and used Trader Joe’s cookie butter.  If you haven’t tried cookie … Continue reading

Kale Chips

Here is a healthy little snack.  If you love chips and you always try to find a healthy alternative, well these kale chips will do the trick.  They have that super crunch and crispyness that you want.  You can get fresh kale at the store and remove the stems or you can go ahead and buy the … Continue reading

Asparagus Hummus

My family and I love purchasing and making fresh hummus in our house.  I was interested in trying to make  a new flavor. So I went ahead and made an asparagus hummus to enjoy with some crackers and veggies.  The flavor of the asparagus really comes out.  I think this is just another way to … Continue reading

Homemade Butternut Squash Gnocchi

I grew up in a household where everything was pretty much made from scratch. My father was a professional baker; so I learned so much from him.  My grandmother was another one who taught me a couple of things in the kitchen.  One of the things I will never forget is how to make homemade … Continue reading

Eggnog with Rum Custard

It’s not the holiday season until you have some eggnog with rum custard. This creamy dessert is sure to impress all those eggnog lovers.  I thought that by making this dessert it would be to rich, yet it’s not.  You can enjoy this on its own or with some fresh fruit or even a nice hot … Continue reading

Ham, Cheese and Spinach Croquettes

December is all about parties with family and friends, and these little guys will have your friends talking at your next party. In Brazil we make these with ground meat. I have had a ham and cheese croquette before too.  I went ahead and gave these a whirl with my own little twist of using … Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Cake with fillings

I know there are so many ways to make this delicious rich chocolate cake, but did you ever think of different fillings?  Well the idea came to me the other night.  Let me make flourless cake filled with raspberries, and another with peanut butter.  The combinations are outstanding each with a different taste.  The raspberries bring … Continue reading

Tres Leches Cake

Sorry I have been MIA the last week or so .  I have been going to different events here in Philadelphia, but I am back. Anyway couple of weeks ago we took 2 great friends of ours to a Brazilian restaurant here in Philadelphia called Picanha. They loved it, but what one of our friends really … Continue reading