“Right Here” By Tony Luke Jr.

I’m not sure about you but I love to cook with some good music. If you haven’t heard this name you might want to look into it: Tony Luke, Jr. Yes the king of cheesesteaks has released a new single.  You would think he is all about food, but he’s so much more. Tony Luke, Jr … Continue reading

Mr. Homemade Delish’s Stuffed Mushrooms

Along with the stuffed peppers that my husband made, he also did a simple appetizer.  Yummy! Stuffed Mushrooms Remove stems from 1 lb of baby portabello mushrooms, and with a small spoon, scoop a little more of the inside of the cap out.  Don’t throw this away.  Follow instructions on the box, and make 1 … Continue reading

A Piece of History

As a chef, home cook and foodie,  I am honored that I had the opportunity to research Martha Washington, Hannah Penn and Ellen Emlen (19th century housewife) Cookbooks and notes.  Being at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania I felt like I could have stayed for hours researching all these treasures.  The staff there was super helpful, which made my … Continue reading

Loin Lamb Chop with a Sun dried Tomato Risotto

I love Loin Lamb Chops.  Tonight I made some with a Peach preserve, horseradish cream, mustard powder and a little orange juice for the glaze.  On the side I had some Sun dried Tomato risotto, and a mix of yellow and green zuchinni and muchrooms.  What a lovely combination this was.  A very light and summery … Continue reading

Taste of the Nation

This is another amazing cause that I’m honored to be attending, and to share with you.  It’s called “Taste of the Nation”, and since 1988 they have brought together creative culinary minds from acrosss the nation.  Each spring and summer, pioneers of modern American cuisine, national celebrity chefs and mixologists (including Stephan Pyles, mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, Bravo’s … Continue reading

Calabria, Italy

I would like to share a bit about my Italian hertiage with you, and from where my great grandmother immigrated.  Calabria in Southern Italy is a beautiful and unspoiled Region surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.  Easily recognizable, forming the toe of the Italian boot, it has over 800 kilometers of coastline and is known as … Continue reading

What About The Children?

When you go out to eat do you order food from the kids menu for your kids? or Do you order them an actual adult platter?  I know we are all concerned about saving money and what not, but children are humans too.  Why can’t they have a nutritious or amazing meal like we do?  Would you like … Continue reading